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Friday, August 04, 2006


I a Big Girl

My Butt Circa 2006
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We bravely continue the commando potty training here at the house of Tsao. Emily frequently declares, "I a big girl!" and "I like underwear!" and "Underwear is good, mama!" right before she pees in them. Potty training is going... okay.

Now that she no longer wears a diaper, Emily has discovered her butt. I'm okay with that; butts are cool, especially when they're tiny and cute and unblemished.

But today she discovered my butt:

Emily: Mama, what's this?

She pokes my bare butt repeatedly with her index finger, watching it's jiggly goodness in fascinated horror. I wasn't facing her, obviously, but I could tell from the way her finger poked me what the look was on her face.

Me: That's my butt.

(You know how this is going to end, don't you?)

Emily: Mama, your butt is BIG!

At that moment I realized why my mother never dressed in front of me.

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