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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Sassy Nude Cereal Eating

Nothing like a catchy headline to perk up those slow weekend stats, eh?

It's hot here. Okay, not as hot as Noelle's 114 degrees, but hot for here. Today the high is 100 degrees F. People, we don't know what to do when it's this hot except walk around naked.

Not me, Emily.

And... ready for this? SHE'S USING THE POTTY!

Yesterday at our playgroup party, several of the little girls were wearing underwear and using the potty. I guess Emily took one look at how cute a dress can look when you're not wearing a quilted pillow underneath it, and decided she wants to be a big girl, too.

Without provocation, she scurried to the potty and used it today. Twice. Wow! The first time she tried to do it standing up. I guess Mike needs to start shutting the bathroom door or something. She ended up peeing all over but luckily the potty was on the patio so clean up was easy with a quick blast of the hose. After a couple of times trying, she figured out that the easiest and best way for her to do it was to sit down and relax.

This is exciting news. There was no way I was going to win Mommy of the Year if my three year old was still in diapers by the time preschool starts at the end of August.

So with nudity comes potty training as well as supreme sassiness and host of other talents previously kept hidden by my reticent child. For example, she decided today that she likes cereal with milk and she can eat it with a spoon all by herself. And you know what? She can.

And when we left the pool this afternoon and turned right to go in the direction of the strip mall with the ice cream parlor, she said, "Why are we going this way?" I was amazed. She has never before expressed an opinion about where we are going or made a statement that would indicate she knew which way was home. My jaw just about dropped to the floor.

Yesterday, she noticed the Picasso "Hands with Flowers" poster that I put up in the playroom when she was little. She named all of the colors in the painting and I said, "That's a Picasso." To which she replied, "Mama, I'M a Picasso."

Yes, my sassy, little potty-going cereal eater, you are.

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