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Friday, July 14, 2006


Can I Get a Yum Yum?

JeniJen of Not Calm (dot com) posted the most delicous sounding recipe ever and I actually made it today! Of course, I didn't time it right and so I ended up scrambling the eggs instead of making them into one inch squares, but it tasted fabulous. Just thinking about it makes me hungry for more.

Here is a picture:

Eggs with Tomatoes and Spinach

It's basically eggs cooked with tamari and sesame oil and tomatoes served over white rice and under steamed spinach. We also enjoyed some corn chowder that my nanny made yesterday. No picture of the corn chowder; it didn't photograph well. If you can imagine what corn chowder resembles, you know what I mean.

Tonight, I'm going to make chicken parmesan ala Foodmomiac, spaghetti with olive oil and garlic, and green salad. I love how Foodmomiac presents recipes because she always gives some family history along with the recipe. I have great memories of food lovingly prepared by family members and of buffet tables laden with food. I come from Italians. We like to eat.

If I really was ambitious, I would attempt the Devil's Food Cake that Caroline posted, but I.can't.go.there. Repeat: I.can't.go.there. Note to self: Don't go there!

I'm in a cooking mood.

To amuse you, here are some old photos of me eating, circa the early 1970s. (I'm in the blue dress and my twin sister Barb is in the red dress.) Apparently my family believed that children should eat sugar in all of its forms and lots of it. Oh, and the mom me? Wants to tell the kid me that she's about to drip that ice cream bar all over!

Eating in 1972

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