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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


On Trolls

Some of you may remember that innocent little rant I wrote a couple of weeks ago that caused a tiny war in comments.

A couple of months ago I was evangelizing blogging to a group of writers. One of them seem concerned about the possibility of trolls leaving nasty comments on her blog. I laughed and replied, "Frankly, you'd be lucky to have a troll! That means somebody noticed you!" Apparently, I have been noticed.

Hey, I'm a blogger; I obviously like attention. But what annoys me about trolls is when they insult not me but other readers of my blog. What is my responsibility as a blogger to protect my readers from malicious comments left for them by trolls? Do I have a responsbility?

I blogged about this today for BlogHer. If you've got an opinion, go there and leave a comment or leave one here. Wikipedia advises bloggers to ignore trolls, which is what my grandma would have said and which is usually good advice. What do you think?

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