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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Independence. From Babies.

"There is a plague in our nation today. Every day it devours our natural resources and screams like the demon it is. That plague, my friends, is babies. And not just the squishy ones with the soft, Play-Doh-like heads. I’m talking about anything below the age of six (6).

Babies are a far greater scourge than you may think."

Law student Full Metal Attorney is upset at these cuter-than-thou creatures who consume our natural resources at an alarming rate, contribute nothing to society, and are immoral. And that's why he's declaring a war on babies.

Hey, he might be on to something. Of course, it's too late for me and probably most of you. But it's fun to dream, isn't it?

[Hat tip to Nanny in New York for the link.]

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