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Friday, June 23, 2006


Thought snippets from BloggerCon

Citizen journalism
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I am at BloggerCon IV in San Francisco. This picture is proof.

Things I want to remember for later:

* I never wrote up my notes from the ASJA convention I went to in New York. I want to do this. Jay Rosen unknowingly reminded me of this during his session about user-centric journalism and about new media getting the attention of old media.

* Do mommybloggers realize how important we are to advertisers? There is a lot of potential for mommybloggers to wield their collective power through public acknowledgement of this fact. And at any rate, just being informed is a good thing. These thought snippets are based on what I already know is true and confirmed with a brief conversation I had with Lisa Stone in the hallway. Hurrah for hallway conversations!

* Bloggercon is okay, but BlogHer will rock. Honestly, this un-conference pales in comparison to BlogHer and just makes me even more excited for July 28.

* Mother Goose Mouse is organizing all of the mommybloggers (and others) who are going to BlogHer. Visit her and give her your information. She will amaze you with her awesome spreadsheet powers. See you poolside! Thanks, mgm.

* Oh, and thank you for that beer you sent me a couple of months ago. I kind of just got it, drank it, burped your name, and forgot to give you a shout out. Stick a big L on my forehead and call me a Loser.

* I have been to Thirsty Bear for lunch twice this week. I am one lucky woman.

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