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Monday, June 19, 2006


Mom's Going Geek

Scott Beale is calling this San Francisco Geek Week because of the amazing amount of geek-related events taking place, including Bar Camp San Francisco on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and BloggerCon IV on Friday and Saturday. (And a whole bunch of other events he's listed here.)

I am happy to report that mama's going to BloggerCon. Aww yeaaahhhh. My friends Elisa, Jory, and Lisa from BlogHer will be there along with Liz Henry and many more. And Lisa Williams, whom I met at the ClubMom mommy blogging focus group thingie, will be leading a discussion on The Emotional Life of Weblogs.

Can't wait. Events like these are a blogger's dream come true, a chance to explore unique, mind-expanding ideas with other people who truly, definitely, do not mind talking about blogs, blogging, user-centric new media, the power of the blogger as blogger (and why that's so powerful), why "what is a weblog?" is not a dumb question, collaboration!, standards! and oh, so much more.

Expect liveblogging from the event this Friday. Power to the blogger.

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