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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Fork U

Apparently my rigidity, anal scheduling, and observance of things that are right and therefore must be done has resulted in two children who simply aren't capable of lounging around all day in their jammies, grazing and swilling the child equivalent of cheap Italian champagne.

They are also incapable of eating food without a fork.

This is what I discovered when I tried to serve my son pizza for lunch. His insistent cry of, "boon! boon!" meant that he his pizza without a spoon. Otherwise known as a fork.

I gave him his fork. He gave me his look. And then he ate his pizza.

With his hands.

Notice how he's fully dressed down to his shoes. If the camera was faced the other way you'd see a mom wearing her best cotton pajama bottoms and last night's makeup trying not to look hungover, and a dad wearing an old T-shirt from a now-defunct Internet start-up and boxers napping on the couch.

Happy Sunday.

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