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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Turning stuffing my face into an adventure

I like to eat out. Would you like some proof?

Sunday night:
Beach Chalet, San Francisco
Decent pub-style food -- something for everybody. A full bar with a large selection of their own beers and a much better lemon drop than you will find at the Embassy Suites in Anaheim. Much.
I ordered a crab louie salad and ate most of the fries off the kids's chicken strips plate.
Dress code: Medium casual
Pluses: Big noisy room is good for people with small noisy kids, view of the Pacific Ocean, live music on many nights, good booze and food.
Minuses: More expensive than Red Robin.

Tutu enjoys her round of beers

Monday afternoon:
Sai's Vietnamese Restaurant II, San Carlos
Inexpensive, homestyle Vietnamese food made for whitey. Cloth tablecloths add a nice touch to a meal that costs under $20.
I ordered my favorite: fish noodle soup. The broth was clear and good; the fish was fresh. The calamari wasn't too rubbery and the fish cake was tasty. Emily liked the broth, too. I was happy they automatically used vermicelli noodles and I didn't have to request them.
Dress code: Casual
Pluses: Arriving before noon means you have the place to yourself, decent rice dishes, something for everybody, EXCELLENT iced coffe that kept me wired until way past my bedtime.
Minuses: I ordered beef chow fun for the kids and they were... OUT? WTF?! That seemed wrong.

Mommy's seafood noodle soup. My favorite.

Tuesday afternoon:
Phil's Fish Market, Moss Landing
A wide variety of fresh, freshly-smoked, and freshly-fried fish. Beer, wine, iced tea, and seafood to go if you're so inclined.
I ordered the caesar salad with cracked crab and it was delicious. It came with a piece of broiled bread that was so-so. However, when I saw my aunt's plate of fried scallops and shrimp, I knew I was a fool for getting what Emily calls, "leaves."
Dress code: Casual
Pluses: Local crowd, dog-friendly, nice wait staff, excellent fish.
Minuses: For the price, the ambiance leaves a little to be desired.

Lunch at Phil's Fish Market

More pictures on Flickr. P.S. Don't blame me if you have two lunches today.

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