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Friday, June 16, 2006


What the Butt?

My husband and his mother like to take pictures of my butt. This seems odd to me. What do you think? Am I being violated in some way? Should this bother me?

The year: 2003
The scene: The taking of our annual Christmas card. I am laboriously fluffing pillows or something.
The photographer: Husband


The year: 2004
The scene: The annual Eggstravaganza event held by my Mothers Club. I am laboriously setting up the cookie decorating table for which I baked 150 sugar cookies.
The photographer: Mother-in-law


The year: 2005
The scene: The decorating of the Christmas tree. I am laboriously and carefully putting ornaments on the tree in a symetrical pattern.
The photographer: Husband


The year: 2006
The scene: The setting up of our new patio furniture. I am laboriously taking off yards of protective plastic wrap.
The photographer: Mother-in-law


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