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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Suburban Housewife Takes Navel Gazing to New High

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I like clothes. Don't laugh. Notice I said "clothes," and not "style." I like style, too, but I'm not sure if style likes me.

Enter Liz Thompson's recent BlogHer post Dressing For Success: Have You Been Bitch-Slapped, Today? which got me thinking about the clothes that I wear. What do my outfits say about me? Am I an easy-going mom or an uptight mutha? Am I fun? Carefree? Warm? Caring? Bitchy? Classist? Preppy? Hot? Unclear about my advancing age?

All of the above? Decline to state?

Another BlogHer post that caught my eye turned me on to a Flickr group called Wardrobe Remix. Members of this group take a photo of their outfit every day for two weeks.

I thought the idea was pretty cool, but I worried that my outfits weren't Harajuku enough for Wardrobe Remix. So I decided to do it on my own.

That's right! Every day I will take a photo of what not to wear, errr, what I'm wearing, and I will post it to Flickr. I won't always blog about it (you can thank me later), but you can go to my Flickr set What I Wear: Suburban Housewife Edition to check out my latest get up or just to laugh your ass off.

I imagine the imaginary pressure will inspire me to try a little harder when I pick out my outfit in the morning. Also, these are full-length photos so look out for that butt, girl!

Let the games begin.

A funny quote: You look like my mommy after her box of wine. -Ralph, "The Simpsons"

A sad sight: This mommy tipping the box of wine to get the last of it out. When did the box of wine replace the keg, people? I'm officially old.

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