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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Some thoughts on being a (mommy)blogger

When I started blogging almost four years ago, I didn't realize that less than four months later I would be married and that less than a year later I would become a mommyblogger.

But thanks to the power of journaling, I know exactly what I did realize three years ago yesterday:

"tomorrow marks the start of week 41 (aka: 7 days overdue and yes, i'm counting).

yesterday we had our non stress test and our 41 week appointment with dr. katz. the NST went well and baby tsao passed with flying colors. during the test she moved a lot and when she moved her heartrate increased. this is a good thing. to check her reaction to stimuli, the nurse placed this buzzing beeping thing on my tummy right next to her head. that made her move. a lot. it didn't seem very nice, but mike and i both thought it was funny. we're sadistic parents already! "

I also know exactly what I looked like three years ago yesterday:

And thanks to the power of the Interweb, all of my family knew both my thoughts as well as what I looked liked; that is why I started mommyblogging. Keeping an online journal has helped me to share my life and my children's lives with people who care. It started with people in both my family and Mike's family, and now it has expanded to included others. Whether they comment or not, I know that people come here to read about my life and it makes me feel good, important, supported, loved.

Thank you.

If you are in the area, I do hope you can make it to the Mommies Online Berkeley Cybersalon tonight. I'm already nervous at the thought of sitting in front of a crowd of real live people and telling my story. Hey, I'm a blogger! I'm obviously used to (and possibly more comfortable with) writing my story and staring at words on a monitor. My two goals for tonight are: don't vomit in front of the audience and remember to take a picture of the sea of faces. Somebody {{{hold me}}}.

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