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Thursday, June 29, 2006


When Good Things Happen to Bad Children

She's already embarrassed of me, I can tell

Emily turned three on Monday, but if feels as though we've been celebrating her birthday for the entire month of June.

Because we have.

The look

First there was the trip to Disneyland, for which I am still waiting for my thank you.

Hiding behind daddy

Then there was her official birthday lunch, which she spent huddled in the corner of the booth crying.

Extremely not happy to be having a birthday

Then there were the dozens of presents from Tutu, Auntie Jennie, Da Da, Cousin Marnie, and Aunt Nancy. Presents that any child would cry after receiving because who wants new toys and frilly nightgowns and money? I mean, really!

Not even happy at the new doll bed

Then there were the dozens of presents from mommy and daddy. Presents that would make even the sweetest little girl turn her little nose up in horror.

For me!

Then there was the box of presents from Grammie Martha. Around this time, Emily realized that getting presents actually is a good thing and that smiles and laughter might be appropriate. I guess it takes a while for a three-year old to warm up to getting showered with gifts.

A box from Auntie Dee Dee!

Then there was the box of presents from Auntie Dee Dee. Auntie Dee Dee is a name little children remember because it is synonymous with lots of cool gifts. This time no prompting was needed for Emily to be VERY VERY excited at the prospect of new toys and even more frilly nightgowns. (Apparently, blogging that your kid doesn't have enough nightgowns is a good way to get a whole bunch of them.)

Spoonfeeding Thomas

Then there was a gigantic plastic teacup set from Rosa. Since Rosa actually plays with my kids she knows what they like. The excitement in the air was palpable.

Having fun

Then there were cupcakes shared with playgroup and a trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito. I always know Emily and Thomas had a good time somewhere if they throw a tantrum when we have to leave. Let's just say that they LOVED the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

And now there is a mom too tired to do anything except take photos of herself and put them on the Internet for people to ridicule.

There is a lesson in here somewhere, but I'm too tired to figure out what it is.

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