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Friday, July 21, 2006


Everybody Wants to be a Cat

I'm sitting outside and it's 73 degrees F, which is warm for where I live, especially at night. There's no wind and no bugs. A dog is barking several homes over and I can smell somebody's dinner. It's barbeque and there's lots of garlic. Wow, does it smell good. It smells like whatever it is would go really well with this glass of champagne I'm enjoying.

The kids are in bed, and Mike and I are about to settle in to watch a movie. We're in the middle of watching The Triumph of the Nerds, which is the sort of flick that geeky Silicon Valley couples watch together. There are three parts to the movie and together they tell the story of how the personal computer came to be what it is today, and how geeky guys like little Bill Gates can drop out of Harvard, forget to shower for days on end, and go on to become mega billionaires. It's a great movie and the guy who did it--Mark Stephens aka: Robert X. Cringely--is a knowledgeable and respectable host and writer. I recommend it. If the personal computer hadn't been invented I would not be here today sitting on my patio in this chair I got at Orchard Supply Hardware and using my Dell laptop to blog about it.

I love my computer.

The playgroup party today was a crazy blast. I had so much fun and I came to the realization that I.Love.Hosting.Parties. Love it. I love the planning; I love the pageantry; I love the people; I love the event itself. Now that I've publicly admitted that, I hope to do much, much more of it in the future. Bring on the parties! My dream is to one day put together the wedding that Mike and I never had.

He doesn't know this. Yet.

The conversation today was amazing and exceedingly supportive. Most of my original playgroup now is on baby #2 (or is trying to be on baby #2, and I've got both ovaries crossed for those friends), and it's great to know that we are growing our families together. As a group, we haven't gotten together in a while and I have to admit, when the moms who now have two kids said to me, "How did you ever do it?! I didn't realize... (how hard it was)!" It did make me feel just a tiny bit good. Hey, I live for recognition and respect. Don't we all? That's why I was sure to say back to them, "You are doing the hardest job in the world. It's a dirty, dirty job. But you are doing it and you're doing it well." Moms propping moms. It's a good thing.

So much of being a mom is just about bumbling our way through this most bizarre and challenging situation that involves crying and spit up and diaper explosions (And, yes, all three of those things happened today!) But when you can get together with a group of like-minded moms who know what it means to put on a shirt and 10 minutes later have it puked on, well, that actually feels really, really good.

Today was a good day. Oh, and the fact that I have wireless access that extends to my patio, two little ones who are the best kids ever, a full glass of Prosecco, and a geeky husband who RULES at online poker? I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

Apparently, neither would Tommy T.

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