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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Awkward Moments

Last night we had some friends over who do that whole kissing on each cheek thing like they do in Europe. But because our friends don't have accents and they visited us in our suburban tract home in California, I was caught unawares. So the first kiss went fine but the second one was completely awkward because I didn't see it coming. Then, when I realized that it was coming, I wasn't sure if my friend wanted to plant one on my lips or lick me or what. At the last minute, I remembered about the whole European kissing style that my French friend Valer taught me and I managed to turn my head while at the same time giggling nervously in a way that I hope appologized for my crude American ways.

That was the first awkward moment.

The second was when I had my arm up and Emily pointed to my arm pit and said, "What's that, mommy?"

"It's called stuble, sweetie, and I'm going to remember this when you ask me to sleep in the big bed tonight."

And the third awkward moment was when we said our good-byes and I was caught unawares by the European kissing custom AGAIN even though the first awkward exchange had been just hours earlier. (Off topic: Why am I still experiencing short term memory loss years after smoking that last joint?)

P.S. Doris, if you are reading this (because I did give you my card and said something lame like, "Read my blog!" before I realized that I might want to discuss my awkwardness with kissing you on the Internet), I will try and remember for next time. We will be seeing you again, right?

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