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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Breastfeeding Emily

I breastfed both of my kids, Emily for six months and Thomas for thirteen months. This post is in encouragement of all of the moms--myself included--who are outraged at the uproar surrounding the current cover of Babytalk magazine, which featured a breast and an infant nursing.

When Emily was born she was blue and needed to be taken to the NICU for oxygen and monitoring. I missed the whole baby on stomach and immediate bonding thing, although I was not upset about that and I'm glad she got the care she did. When she stabilized after a couple of hours, she was brought to my room, where Mike, my mom, my mother-in-law, and I were waiting for her.

The first thing I wanted to do when I met my daughter for the first time was feed her. I wanted to bond with her, yes, but I also was worried that she was hungry. I had nourished her from the first cell division that formed her person until the minute the cord between us was cut. And now she had been outside the womb for hours; I was worried about her survival and I knew that it was my responsiblity to worry about it.

Here are the photos from the first time I met my daughter, which also was the first time I breastfed her. The instinct was there, and I couldn't imagine anything more natural in the world. I honestly didn't care who was in the room or what I looked like. And I hope that all mothers feel free to breastfeed their children if they so desire. Since that time, I have breastfed first Emily and then Thomas in restaurants, malls, parks, airplanes, casinos, doctor's offices, cars, at home, and at parties. I have breastfed in front of many members of my family, regardless of gender or age, and in front of a broad spectrum of the American public.

The urge to nourish your child is one of the most basic instincts that there is; it is neither gross nor sexual.

I applaud the editors of Babytalk magazine for emphasizing and showcasing such a natural and beautiful part of motherhood.

The nurse hands me Emily for the first time. Do I look nervous?

Hi. I'm your mommy.

Trying to get Emily to latch on. She was sleepy.


Checking out her body. All the toes there? Good.

And baby makes three

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