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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Three Things I Know That Make My Life Easier

Lemon Bars
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It's early on this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning and I'm drinking my coffee and mentally preparing for the new member social of my mothers's club. It's my turn to host and in less than two hours a couple dozen women will come over for pastries, coffee, and conversation. New members to our mothers's club tend to fall into three groups: new to motherhood, new to the area, or new to being a stay at home mom (SAHM). I remember how nervous and odd I felt at my first mothers's club meeting (me, a mother???) so I enjoy making these new members feel welcome and introducing them to the things our club has to offer: playgroups, children's outings, adult socials. And, of course, our fabulous newsletter put together by yours truly, aka: sucker mom who can't say no when asked to volunteer. Hi!

Now I'm mentally preparing, but last night I was physically preparing by cleaning up the house and patio. It didn't take too long -- about an hour inside and an hour outside. While I swept the patio, I lamented once again the fact we don't pay somebody to mow and blow our lawn and patio. I don't mind the act of sweeping; it's oddly satisfying. What I do mind is the time it takes. Am I the only person who actually feels a thrill when looking at a freshly swept patio? I hope not.

While I was sweeping, I was thinking of things that make my life easier. Of course, having somebody else to do my yard work would be one of them, but it's not necessary.

Here are three things that I know that do make my life easier:

  • My karaoke song. Mine is "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" by Crystal Gayle. This is the song that I can sing and that doesn't make me sound like a fool. Good to know.

  • My potluck dish. I used to make a bean dish called Mississippi Caviar, but noticed that people tend to shy away from bean dishes and there's nothing worse than bringing back home food from a potluck. Now I make Lemon Bars (recipe courtesy of Debra Roby of A Stitch In Time -- Thanks again, Debra!) and trust me, the only thing I bring back home is an empty plate. Oh, and a head swelled from compliments.

  • How to clean my house in one hour. I'm not talking about deep cleaning, but I can get this place straightened up and smelling like a home instead of a zoo in under sixty minutes. That's a helpful thing to know how to do. (Hint: Sometimes I hide things in the dryer. Nobody ever looks there. Also, if you're cleaning for women, swipe the area that they can see if they're sitting on the toilet. That's when they have the most time to look around and contemplate your housekeeping skills.)

I know there's more, but seriously, knowing these three things has saved my butt and made my life easier more times than I can count.

What about you? What do you know?

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