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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


They Got Me Snappin', Snappin' Day and Night

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger sent me an email to let me know about a post he wrote for Digital Photography School in which he gives 10 Tips for Photographing Babies. His post is informative and also sweet because he uses his month-old son to illustrate his points.

In his post, he references a previous article he wrote about Photographing Children. The tips in that article are especially interesting to me. In my hard-earned opinion, babies are a cinch to photograph. Read Darren's tips and you'll soon be snapping hundreds thousands millions of wonderful photos of your cutie pie like a pro. The grandparents will love you for it.

Actually, they'll love you for taking crappy photos. Once you procreate, you basically can do no wrong again ever. Never forget that!

But photographing toddlers is when your life as a member of the mommy paparazzi gets considerably more complicated and unsatisfying. Why? Well...





[Cute dress, though, huh? Carmen of Mom To The Screaming Masses made it. I think of it as the dress of a thousand compliments. Everybody loves it, most of all Miss Emily.]

When photographing older children, Darren has this to say:

...with older children the best time to photograph them is when they are doing something that they enjoy. Go to the park with them...

Good advice. I took it today when I, the kids, and my new birthday camera went to Oak Meadow Park to spend the day with our friend Liz and her daughters. Here's a shot I took of Thomas that I really like:

The eye of the Thomas

He's wearing the pigeon shirt that Wood and Dutch of Sweet Juniper gave me at BlogHer. I like how the pigeon's head is peaking at me. Hi, pigeon!

I'm talking to pigeons; it's time to go -- a giant piece of chocolate cake and a glass of cabernet await. Thanks for all of your birthday wishes! I had a great day and I hardly felt a day over thirty seven.

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