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Sunday, August 13, 2006


This Post Brought to You by the Letter O and With a Rockin' Beat

The Lovely Mrs. Davis is celebrating the 37th anniversary of Sesame Street in a bloggy good way. She asked bloggers, What television, music, movie or book from your childhood are you excited about sharing with your own children? and she is linking to the answers tomorrow. She's hoping for 37 posts (or more!) and I probably should have told you about this before the night the post was due. Oops.

Her question is interesting to me because after I thought about it a bit, I realized that I'm not terribly excited about sharing any of my favorite childhood television shows, movies, or books with Emily and Thomas.


Okay, that sounds cold and heartless, but hear me out. See, I certainly watched a lot of television, saw a lot of movies, and read a lot of books as a child, and I assume my kids will do the same. I know they will; they already do. Sesame Street plays every morning in our house and both kids love it and learn a lot from it, too. They love movies and I'm sure they've already know far more movies than I did as a girl. I only knew what was on TV; they have an entire library of animated movies that they never tire of watching. And the books! I've walked into the room and seen both kids at various times "reading" a book. I have no doubt that with very little help from me, both of my kids will know how to read well before I did as a kid.

My point is that my kids are teaching me about television, movies, and books. And if they aren't now, they surely will be.

What I'm most excited about sharing with my kids is my love of music. Not really any particular pieces or bands, but a general feeling that life is better with a soundtrack. Since having kids, I've never censored my playlist or tried to cater to their juvenile sensibilities. As a consequence, my kids love all kinds of music, from rock to pop to show tunes to techno. They both love a good disco beat, I'm happy to say. I've seen them nod their heads to Jane's Addiction's Mountain Song and beat their car seats to Michael Jackson's Working Day and Night. I love watching my kids rocking out and growing into people who will one day accompany me to shows. Ya!

I know my kids will watch TV and read books. But if they also have a deep love and appreciation for music, I'll be very happy and will consider my own brand of detachment parenting a complete success.

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