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Monday, August 14, 2006


Divorce, My Big Toe, and Silicon Valley

Wow, friends, thank you for all of the nice comments on my post about the dark side. Compliments are nice! Thank you.

Confession: Right now I am skipping the general meeting of my mothers club. It's unfortunate that I chose tonight to prefer lounging around in sweats over socializing and learning something. That's because the meeting I'm missing is about how to stay married while raising kids. I'll have to borrow somebody's notes.

Hope I don't regret this decision some day. But don't you think that me hanging out at home with my family watching "Mulan" and eating sandwich-sized bags of honey nut cheerios is doing more for my marriage than going out for three hours? I mean, we already had the kids so it's too late to change that.

The weird thing is that my mothers club is celebrating its 15th year with a big bash this October and when I got together last month with a bunch of women who were in the club 15 years ago, I noticed one obvious difference between me and them: they all were divorced.

It got me thinking big time about my own marriage and about the marriages of my friends. Will the "gentle bitching" we do about our husbands now while we're standing around the playground eventually turn into something much more serious for some of us? Heck, for all of us?

Food for thought. The statistics are there. I'm on marriage #2 myself, but I would very much like this one to be my last. I certainly want to make it past the "we have small kids and that's our excuse never to go out" phase and into the golden years when we can spontaneously jet to Las Vegas, rent a suite with a hot tub, and try our darndest to make it through all of the seven deadly sins in one 48-hour period.

I don't know about you, but I plan on entering middle age looking fabulous and getting plenty of action. With my husband. Hope that plan is good enough.


Speaking of divorce, looks like Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson are separating. That's sad. It's also sad that I care. I don't even know them.


I am worried about my big toe. I've been wearing heels more lately and now my left big toe is numb on the outside. Also, I got a pedicure last week and it hurt something fierce when she was digging out my toe jam. Sorry, there's no nice way to say that. Now my toe is an odd combination of tingly and numb. I hope it's not serious; I don't want to lose my big toe to a pedicure gone bad. I know I can still be hot and fabulous without my big toe, but I think it might come in handy when committing those seven deadly sins.


I had a fun visit today in Palo Alto with some of the moms who make up the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. I met Jill and Beth at BlogHer and liked their untainted enthusiasm about blogging. Together with Pamela, they founded SV Moms as a community blog back in April and now they have 40 writers contributing to it. These women are go-getters as well as great writers. You should check out their blog.

Grace of State of Grace and Liz of Badgermama were there today, too. In fact, Grace was the one who invited me to join the fun. Thanks, Grace! And thank you to Jill for opening up your home. You are an excellent hostess and I hope you don't mind that I stayed for three and a half hours. Time flies when you're talking about blogging with other people who also want to talk about blogging. Very unlike most conversations I have when I bring up blogging and people look at me with blank eyes and start yawning.

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