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Friday, August 25, 2006


Foot in Mouth Friday

Open mouth, insert foot
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Last August a friend called to ask me for my address.

"OMG!!" I said. "Why do you need it?! Are you guys getting married?!"

She lives with her boyfriend. Why I got all suburban sentimental on her, I do not know.

"Mary," she said, in a voice that suggested I should stop talking.

Open mouth, insert foot.

"OMG!!" I said, "Did he propose?! Are you getting married?! Is that why you need my address?!"

"Mary. I want to send you a birthday card."

"Oh." I said. "Um, nevermind. Thank you?"

Can you remember a time--perhaps the last time--that you had your foot so far down your throat you could taste bile? Tell me, and let me know I'm not alone in my feeling of self-loathing. This conversation took place over a year ago and I still feel bad about it.


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