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Friday, September 01, 2006


Surrender to This Perfect Post

It's time once again for the Perfect Post Awards. OMG! What will I wear? (Off topic -- I went to a fall fashion preview last night at Nordstrom. It was sponsored by the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and I'll post more about it soon. To see what I look like wearing a hell of a lot of makeup, check out my photos on Flickr.)

This month, I am awarding the talented Rita Arens of Surrender, Dorothy for her post titled But Who Is Your Audience of One?


I enjoyed Rita's post for a number of reasons. I like that she's coming from the perspective of a professional writer when she speaks about audience. As a writer, your audience is who you imagine is reading your work. As a professional writer, you change your style, tone, and voice of a piece to better speak to and reach your audience.

But with blogging, Rita admits that her audience has become herself and that writing for herself has allowed her to explore issues she may otherwise have not:

"... what I've done with this naked blogging of mine (figurative, not literal - I'm fully clothed, even wearing shoes, right now) is to make the audience really And I think many of you are me, the me that is authentic. Naked blogging ... is about revealing that part of yourself that you're exploring to the extent that you can't hide it and achieve the goal of self-exploration."

I also liked Rita's post because as she explores the idea that her audience is herself, she also reveals reasons why others may blog as well as her own guidelines for blogging about others. Great analysis in a great post.

For a list of other bloggers and entries that won an August Perfect Post Award, check out Suburban Turmoil and Petroville. And thanks to Lucinda and MommaK for sponsoring the event!

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