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Monday, July 09, 2007


Putting play on the playlist

Tonight was the monthly general meeting of my mothers club. Jenny Ward, CEO of Playward and a play activist, taught us how to lighten up and put play back into our lives in order to become better parents. She did some talking, we did some talking, and we all made silly faces and danced. It was fun. I vow that tomorrow I'll put aside the "to do" list and spend more time letting the kids dictate what I do. I bet it will be more fun than doing laundry and loading the dishwasher. What do you think?

The topic of the meeting tonight reminded me of something Mike revealed to me this weekend. He realized that sometimes when Thomas misbehaves, he's only behaving that way because he's trying to be funny. Mike thinks that Thomas might be something of a practical joker or--once he goes to school--the class clown. What surprised me the most is that Mike said he used to act like that, too. I never knew that.

This new understanding of Thomas's personality might just help me keep my cool when he's dancing around, laughing hysterically, with his underwear on his head instead of on his behind and we need to leave the house in five minutes to go pick up Emily from school.

Boy on bike with helmet
Understand me, mommy. Okay?