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Friday, August 17, 2007


In sickness and without cake

I have been given the ultimate birthday present from my child: her gastrointestinal bug. "The yucks" started last night after I got home from group therapy and lasted all night. This morning Mike went to work early and I didn't even get out of bed until 11, when my spinning head and queasy tummy confirmed that I immediately needed to return.

The kids have been very supportive, watching PBS all day and feeding themselves crackers out of the cupboard. They're awesome.

Tonight's date night is canceled, and you won't be seeing me in my sexy get-up unless you think wrinkled jammies are sexy. Absinthe regrets they won't be seeing us, and Mike is currently in the process of giving our Avenue Q tickets away to a lucky co-worker. I am feeling slightly sorry for myself; I bought those tickets in April! Oh well, such is life.

On a positive note, the crinoline I ordered for Burning Man finally arrived. It's nice and soft and fluffy and lavender -- perfect for the Playa. And thank you for all of the happy birthday wishes. As soon as I can stomach the thought, I'm gonna get me some cake, dammit!