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Monday, August 06, 2007


Hi and greetings from the world's worst blogger

Children's Discovery Museum
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I recently discovered two things about myself:

1. Getting two kids out the door and to summer camp by 8:30 AM is difficult. Even if I'm content looking like a schlumpalina, unshowered, wearing sweats, and with my hair in a scrunchie, it's still hard. Even when I wake up ninety minutes before we're supposed to leave the house, it's still hard. I know I told the Blogosphere that I am a morning person, but I do get used to a certain schedule. For example, the entire past year I was used to a 9:00 AM school start time. 8:30 is not 9:00, and that lost thirty minutes feels like a lot. What the heck am I going to do in the fall when Thomas's preschool starts at the unholy hour of 8:00 AM? I think I might need to resort to that old trick of setting my clock ahead, something I haven't done since I quit my corporate job.

2. I suck at blogging for two different blogs, even--or especially--when both of the blogs are mine. While I've got plenty to write about preparing for our upcoming trip to Burning Man, I've got very little to write about my "everyday adventures as a mom of two." I'm quoting myself when I write that, but it sounds boring even to me.

Bonus third thing I just discovered about myself: This is the kids's last week of summer camp. I will mourn its passing.