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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Back from BlogHer

BlogHer 2007
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After three gate changes and an hour and a half delay leaving Chicago O'Hare, I finally made it home.

Home, sweet home. I kiss this place.

BlogHer 2007 was such a great time. As JenB of jenandtonic put it: "This, for me was the best BlogHer." I couldn't agree more, and I want to write all about it but right now I'm kind of tired.

Here's a one sentence summary: A tourist checks out parts of downtown Chicago, rooms with the best roommate ever, attends a blogging conference with some of the most beautiful women on teh Internets, and breakfasts with an auntie known as Dee Dee before flying home to her two wonderful kids and one swell husband.

I did get my pictures up on Flickr so go check them out.