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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Where, oh where, did the weekend go?

Sometimes life is funny
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Ack, I can't believe it's Sunday night! This was a busy weekend for our family. Yesterday we attempted to go to the Grand Opening of Strike Cupertino Bowling Alley, but our attempt was thwarted by Thomas's fear of the giant, costumed bowling pin, the flashing lights, and the loud music. Ditching our plan to go bowling and eat inexpensive hot dogs and fries, we instead went to Benihana to see expensive meat cooked in front of our eyes. The food was good but our lunch was easily five times more money than it would have been at the bowling alley. I don't mind spending that kind of money if I can linger and enjoy my food, but with the kids... let's just say it was more like gobble and go.

After lunch we came home and I yelled at the kids for a bit for bugging me while I was trying to take a nap. Then I took those same kids to a barbeque party at a friend's house and allowed Mike some alone time and a chance to get his hair cut. (Finally!)

Today we went to two more parties. First, Emily and I helped celebrate her friend's 5th birthday at a local Jr. Gym. All of the kids--except for Emily who is quite shy in these types of settings--ran around and acted crazy while the moms stood around and talked. Emily observed the other kids from a safe distance while they were running around and playing on the gym equipment, but she eagerly joined them for pizza and cake afterwards.

One of the other moms, whom I really like, told me that her oldest son was just like Emily and really hung back until he was a couple of months into kindergarten. Emily sometimes reminds me of a turtle in social situations. She prefers to be in a safe space and peek out of her shell every once in awhile. That's why I had a huge birthday party for her this year. She actually does much better when people's attentions are scattered and she is not the main focus. It will be interesting to see how her personality evolves over time. I was painfully shy as a child and that lasted until first grade, when I learned how to read. I think I was still shy after that, but at least I could hide behind a book and when I did so, fewer people bothered me. My friend said her son is a voracious reader and can read two books a day. Sounds like me when I was little; I wonder if Emily will have the same appetite for reading as I did.

When the birthday party was over, I dropped Emily off at home and headed out to my last party of the weekend. Stefania of CityMama is the latest mom blogger to host a Wii party. Sponsored by Nintendo and catered by Zibibbo of Palo Alto, the party was a lot of fun. I showcased my incredible Wii bowling talent and tried hard to humiliate myself at Wii Boogie. As we left, each of the moms got a cute Wii controller keychain and the opportunity to buy a Wii direct from Nintendo. Oh, and a box of cookies that I assume were from Zibibbo. I don't know for sure, but I do know that they were so good that I tried one while the kids were in their bath, then promptly hid them to avoid having to share. As soon as they went to bed, I devoured the entire box. Heaven!

A hectic but fun weekend. I didn't get much done around the house but since both kids start summer camp tomorrow, I suspect I'll have the time to catch up on housework and other stuff that needs to be done before I leave for Chicago.

Both kids at summer camp. Woo hoo! Fingers crossed that all goes well...