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Friday, July 13, 2007


Life in Pink

I'm dressed in blue for a hot pink date night with the old man. We're going to go see La Vie En Rose, the film by Olivier Dahan about French singer Edith Piaf. I hope it's good; I'm fascinated by women like Piaf who burn so brightly yet end up meeting tragic ends. In my heavy drinking days, years ago, I romanticized living a life with the motto "better to burn out than fade away." Luckily, I got sober before dumb mistakes made my fantasy a reality.

Here are the lyrics to Piaf's famous song "La Vie en Rose."

Hold me close and hold me fast,
This magic spell you cast,
This is La Vie En Rose.

When you kiss me, Heaven sighs,
And though I close my eyes,
I see La Vie En Rose.

When you press me to your heart,
I'm in a world apart,
A world where roses bloom;

And when you speak, Angels sing from above;
Every day words seem to turn into love songs.

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be

La Vie En Rose.

La Vie En Rose.

Beautiful. Life in pink, indeed.

[Hi. If you've tagged me recently for a meme, I promise I'm getting to it. I've declared the upcoming weekend THE WEEKEND OF MEME. I'll be back tomorrow!]