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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Taking inventory, cutting back

Today I woke up and almost immediately felt overwhelmed by L-I-F-E. What's up? I wondered. Perhaps it was because of the massive amount of emails in my inbox. Perhaps it was because the last day of summer camp was yesterday. Perhaps it was because my sleep was interrupted twice last night by the addition to my bed of first Thomas and then Emily. Mike and I share a full size bed that was not made to sleep four people, one of whom likes to toss and turn and has elbows that feel like ice picks.

Not sure the exact problem, I decided to tackle all three. First, I removed myself from an especially prolific email list. Then I sent an email to my playgroup telling them that I wasn't feeling well and I wouldn't be attending; that took off any pressure I had to get showered or dressed or to get the kids out of the house. Last but not least, I had a serious talk with the kids about how they needed to start sleeping ALL NIGHT in their own beds and how if they came into our bed again, they would promptly be removed.

The dirty work done, I spent the rest of the day halfheartedly doing chores, encouraging the children to play quietly, and laying in the sun while reading magazines. Life is back to being good.