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Thursday, August 16, 2007


They say it's my birthday

Today I turn the big 3-9, only one year away from the big 4-0! How exciting. Happy Birthday to me and happy birthday to my sister Barb, my friend Doris, and my friend Mindy of The Mommy Blog. We are Leos, hear us roar.

I was all set to go to playgroup this morning and have my friends commiserate about my advanced age over a dozen frosted cupcakes. Because if there's one thing I want to do on my birthday, it's eat cake and lots of it. Unfortunately, Emily's two bouts of vomiting yesterday weren't a coincidence or the result of pigging out and today she woke up with a fever. No playgroup for us. The worst thing about missing playgroup is that I was going to buy the cupcakes on the way. So no playgroup, no commiserating, and no cupcakes. Gee, some birthday this is turning out to be!

The gifts, cards, emails, e-cards, and phone calls are making up for it. My uncle Henry called and told me he remembers the day I was born; he was working in the stock room of the Art Institute of Chicago. He also told me it was the only thing he remembers from 1968. What a joker! My aunt Mary had been waiting anxiously at our old flat on Iowa Street. On the day I was born there was a big storm in the Chicago area and the power had gone out. My mom called to remind me that I was born at 5:14 PM, central time. My sister was born 28 minutes earlier. Exciting times.

For my birthday Mike and the kids got me scuba diving lessons and a book about scuba diving. Tomorrow night he and I are going to dinner at San Francisco's Absinthe restaurant before seeing Avenue Q at the Orpheum Theater. I've got a sexy new frock to wear and I'm going to shave my legs. Party with me.

If it's your birthday, too, then happy birthday to you!