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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Home from WoolfCamp

WoolfCamp 2006
Photo by Chris Heuer

I left the lovely home of Miss Grace D. and the lovely company of many strong-minded female bloggers (and a couple of bravehearted male bloggers, too) and arrived home at 5:00. Mr. T was sitting in his highchair and smiling the world's biggest smile, Emily was sitting at the table looking ten years older than she did when I left yesterday, and the world's best husband was playing online poker. My life!

Since then I've been cleaning up, changing diapers, folding laundry, giving baths, kissing soft cheeks, and hugging little bodies. The best thing that happened tonight is when Emily tenderly touched my face and pointed out my features ("mama's eyes, mama's nose, mama's cheeks..."), then said, "Mama, I missed you sooo much!" That was cool.

I'll be back tomorrow with details, details, details. For now, check out the photos by Liz, photos by Elke, photos by Chris, photos by Kristie, and photos by Squid.

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