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Monday, April 23, 2007


The age of dress up

Something girly is happening to Emily. She is very keen on dressing herself now, and she has taken to carrying around a jewelry box full of some old jewelry of mine. She calls the contents of the box her treasures. Today we had the following conversation:

Emily: Mommy, I have a ring and we're going to get married.
Me: [...]
Emily: We're going to get married but we're not going to have a baby right away.
Me: [...]
Emily: We're not going to have a baby right away, but we just have a baby and he's going to sleep with us in our room, and he's just very good.
Me: Okay. Whom are you going to marry?
Emily: Thomas.

Yesterday, we had a mother-and-daughter day with lunch, a birthday party, and then some light shopping at TJ Maxx. After Emily helped me pick out a swim suit cover-up, we checked out the kid section. After carefully browsing through the aisles of books and toys, she found something she wanted, a Dora and Boots purse.

How could I say no?

New Dora and Boots purse