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Saturday, April 14, 2007


The Not So Bad Mommyblogger and Former President Bill Clinton

Hey! Julie of Mothergoosemouse is guest blogging over at Her Bad Mother and she's posted a Bad Mommyblogger Purity Test. I took the test and here are my results:

You answered "yes" to 11 of 25 questions, making you 56.0% Bad Mommyblogger pure (44.0% Bad Mommyblogger corrupt); that is, you are 56.0% pure in the Bad Mommyblogger domain (your Badness is 44.0%).

According to the scoring guide, your Bad Mommyblogger experience level is: A Pretty Darn Awful Mommyblogger, that's you. But nowhere near Bad.

I swear I used to be a total bad-ass, but you wouldn't know it from my mommyblogging skills.

In unrelated news, I hung out with Glennia of The Silent I, her husband Frank, and Alix of Med Nauseum tonight at the launch reception of Bill Clinton's foundation, the Millennium Network. We rubbed elbows with San Francisco Mayor McHottie Gavin Newsom, Miss Chinatown 2007, and Biz Markie, before finally getting the opportunity to hear Clinton speak about the work that his foundation is doing to fight HIV/AIDS nationally and childhood obesity in the U.S.

The crowd was young and beautiful and eager to let Clinton know that they approve of his work. The room had a lot of energy and I would have felt energized myself if I hadn't been so darned hungry! The reception started at six, but I got there early to meet with my host Sarah, and I completely forgot to grab a snack on my way out the door. When the reception ended at nine, I was famished. Thank goodness for the double arches and the fact that I remembered there was a drive-thru on 16th and Potrero. A cheeseburger and chocolate shake never tasted so good.

[Updated 4/15/07: I forgot to mention that Glennia spent all night Twittering the event. She and Grace Davis are Twitter junkies, or Twitterettes, as Grace refers to them. Also, Glennia has written up a much more compelling post about our night so you'd be smart to go read it.]