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Sunday, April 01, 2007


How to get your husband to leave work on time

Garlic soup, husband, date night
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Me: What time can you get out of there?
Him: They moved back our meeting...not sure when it's going to happen...probably going to be late...
Me: That's too bad because the sitter's here and I booked us a room at the Hotel Sofitel.
Him: Give me 15 minutes.

It was a fun weekend for the Tsao family, starting with the date night that will certainly win me Wife of the Year (see above). After relaxing and eating dinner, Mike and I went and got the kids and brought them back to the hotel for a slumber party. On Saturday morning we ate breakfast at Hobbee's, home of the best coffee cake on the peninsula, then headed over to Pleasanton for Baby Loves Disco.

Baby Loves Disco was lots of fun and this time the kids danced up a storm. They also ran around and made friends (Emily) and got into a fight over goldfish crackers (Thomas). Mike spent the whole time watching them while I hung out and chatted with Kari about housing issues and handbag rental sites that work like Netflix. We also talked about a get-together of Bay Area Mommybloggers. We need to have one soon! I'm excited about putting something together, probably a kid-friendly potluck brunch some weekend day in May. Must check calendar...

Tomorrow the work begins on our side yard patio and hot tub project. Exciting! Our landscaper is so great; he's done so much of this kind of stuff that I always trust his opinion, which he isn't shy to give. If all goes according to plan, Mike's dream--a hot tub of his own--will be a reality in less than a couple of months. I wasn't joking about Wife of the Year. I think I'm gonna win it this year for sure.