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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Everything's Coming Up Ranunculus

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I promised Amy from VA that I'd give her/you/the Blogosphere my secrets to successful fieldtrips with toddlers and preschoolers, but I'm a tad bit brain dead at the moment. I worked on the newsletter for my Mothers Club today, and by the time I dropped the CD off at the printer I was barely able to drive to my favorite drive-through coffee place (Espresso Lane in Redwood City) to get myself a large chai latte over ice. Barely able! I know, break out the small violins.

I promise I'll write something tomorrow that will enlighten and educate and that will be better than "pack Valium." But for now, let me provide you with a bulleted list to answer the question, WASSSUUUPPP?

  • We've decided against buying a school bus to take to Burning Man. The main reason is that we couldn't come up with a good answer to the question of what we would do with a school bus the rest of the year, the rest of our lives, etc. I--like my neighbors, I'm sure--have no desire to see a school bus every time I look out my window.
  • Instead of a school bus, we are going to rent an RV. (Hey, it's for the kids!) Note to self: Reserve one this weekend.
  • Lily Tomlin knows the F word. You go, girl.
  • This is hilarious. STFU-LOL! (Thanks, Mike!)
  • Today I bought a new family room rug in a color called banana creme. It will arrive in approximately ten business days.
  • Yesterday we had our fence stained.
  • I have declared the upcoming weekend Home Improvement Weekend. I hope the weather holds because I'm in the mood to spray paint.
  • I'm reading The Secret. Yes, I saw it on Oprah.