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Friday, March 09, 2007


Now if she only had a line of mom jeans...

Today the kids and I had a good music class that ended with a chat with another mom and her sweet little girl, who was very shy and cute around Thomas and Emily. Friendships were forged with stickers and giggles, and there was much running around and jumping. Not us, the kids. You know.

After class, Rosa came to watch the kids and I decided to go see the Vivienne Westwood exhibit at the de Young Museum. From the de Young site:

Vivienne Westwood is both iconoclast and global icon. In the 1970s, she electrified the world with the launch of punk fashion and went on to become one of the most inventive and influential designers of our time. Fashion to her became "a baby I picked up and never put down."

The show was amazing, truly spectacular. I was stunned at how familiar some of her lines were to me; I didn't realize who I actually was copying when I dressed like my punk and goth friends. Did you know that Vivienne Westwood invented the tube skirt? I probably should hate her since people with hips like mine have no business wearing tube skirts, but I'm going to let bygones be bygones. I never was truly cool enough to wear Westwood-inspired clothes, and I certainly am not cool enough now, but I nevertheless am in awe of her trendsetting genius and complete dedication to fashion.

My lack of a fashion background means that I can't adequately describe what was so amazing about the Vivenne Westwood exhibit, but I do know that I very much enjoyed it. If you go (it's here through June 10), definitely pay for the audio tour. I thought the information presented in it added much to the exhibit.

Oh, and besides her fashion baby, she also had a real baby (a couple, actually) and the one she had with Malcolm McLaren went on to found lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. Check out their sexy nursing bra! I might just have to get me one of those if I ever find myself lactating again.

Hope you all have a spectacular weekend planned! We've got a full weekend of Disney on Ice watching, school bus shopping, brunch hosting, and more. But check back here tomorrow or Sunday for a review of Melanie Lynne Hauser's new book Super Mom Saves The World. Melanie was kind enough to send me an autographed copy of her book and a box of neat-o Swiffer dusters. I'm going to give away the book to the first person who comments on my review, but I'm not giving away those dusters. Sorry, ladies, you're going to have to get your mom jeans down to Target and get some of your own.