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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


How far would you go for fromage?

Cowgirl Creamery
Originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk.
I want to take the kids on a fieldtrip tomorrow to the Cowgirl Creamery, but I'm not sure I want to drive one hour and 17 minutes to Point Reyes. Especially when there's a Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Shop in the Ferry Building and a fieldtrip into The City would certainly be easier. Decisions, decisions...

Today was a mellow day, as many days have been lately. In the morning I took the kids grocery shopping, which was fun. There weren't many people in the store at 8:30 so maneuvering the six-foot long train cart was relatively easy. The kids are well-behaved in stores. There was one small issue when we were in the checkout and Thomas grabbed the box of Teddy Grahams to put on the conveyor belt. Emily pouted because she wanted to put the box on the belt (she had been the one to take it off the shelf.) We solved the problem by first allowing Thomas to put it on the belt and then allowing Emily to take the box off the belt and put it on again. With the problem solved, we finished our shopping experience.

I wonder why I've been so calm lately when dealing with the kids. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this parenting thing. Maybe I'm more centered emotionally because I've quit drinking. Maybe the kids's behavior is less frustrating to me now that they're older and more independent. Maybe my own re-prioritizing to have more quality time with my kids is paying off. Whatever it is--one thing or a combination--it's working and I'm glad for it.

Wish me luck on my quest for fine fromage. It's possible I won't decide if we're going all the way to Marin or if we're only going as far as San Francisco until we get in the car and start our journey. The weather might be a factor, too. All I do know for sure is that no matter what, the kids and I will be eating cheese tomorrow.