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Friday, March 23, 2007


Home Improvement Weekend, Part 1: The To Do List

To Do lists motivate me. So does beautiful weather, green tea lattes, and a house I love filled with people I love even more.

  • Finish the 10 minutes worth of painting in Mike's office.
  • Hem the second set of curtains for his office. Should they be long or short? Contemplate this.
  • Clean things up, vacuum, and take pictures. Declare it Done, Baby.
  • Consider painting the short hallway yellow to match the long hallway.
  • Put together Thomas's new dresser. (Note: This can be outsourced to Mike.)
  • Paint Thomas's dresser blue using leftover paint from Mike's office.
  • Get a golden yellow paint (spray paint?) to paint toy storage baskets in family room.
  • Check to see if we have plastic drop cloth. If not, buy one.
  • Dump everything out of toy storage baskets onto floor and help kids decide what is garbage, what is good, and what should be given away.
  • Paint baskets.
  • Check out books, websites, pictures from garden show to get ideas for side yard patio/hot tub area.
  • Get link from Mike about hot tub he wants. Dimensions?
  • Do rough sketch of patio design.
  • Find time for some lovin'.
  • Call guy who did our backyard to have him come out and give estimate for work. Also want to get estimate for sprinkler system, sod, and circular flower bed around tree in front yard.
  • Discuss with Mike the things we want an electrician to do: remove light in family room, add globe pendants, add lights outside, add more outlets in his office.
  • Call electrician for consultation/estimate.
  • Load car with stuff to donate and make run(s) to Goodwill.

This seems like a long list, but it's really only a couple of actual projects. Will I accomplish everything? Good question! It won't hurt to try. Come back Sunday for Part 2: The To Done List.

Happy weekend, everybody.