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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Home Improvement Weekend, Part II: The Ta Da List

All done!
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On Saturday there was the To Do List, and now the weekend is over and here's the Ta Da List*:

  • Went to Home Depot with Emily. Purchased new paint brush, two cans of yellow spray paint, and two over-priced patio inspiration books.
  • Made online purchase of new plastic deck box to house our recycling and bins. Sent Mike to pick up from Sears. He put it together on Sunday. Works like a charm!
  • Spray painted baskets. Kids looked on in wonder and awe at the power of spray paint.
  • Cleaned out toys that live in baskets. Threw out a bunch of crap. The kids helped sort things.
  • Based on books I got at Home Depot and things I saw at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, I put together a vision for our side patio garden/hot tub area and got it down on paper. I'll call our landscaper tomorrow.
  • Mike put together Thomas's new dresser. It was over 100 pieces and took him over 30 minutes. Thank you, Mike! The kids helped pick out the screws and dowels that he needed. He was very patient with them.
  • Cleaned out my closet and under my bed. Put together 4 bags of stuff for donation, but didn't get a chance to do a Goodwill run. Now there's nothing on the floor of my closet except a stool. This makes me happy.
  • Gathered winter sweaters to be dry cleaned before putting away for the summer.
  • Miscellaneous: Vacuumed, did laundry, shaved my arm pits, made five meals. Mike made the sixth meal. Almost unbelievably, we didn't eat out once all weekend. That's probably a first for us.
  • Framed family portraits we took last weekend. Thought about where I want to put them.
  • Took photos of our yard in springtime. Put up Backyard: Befores and Afters on Flickr. They're cool! Start at the beginning.
  • Cleaned up the front patio and rearranged the patio furniture.
  • Did other stuff but I forgot what.
  • Flickr'd and Blogged until it was time to watch BSG with hubby. Season finale!

* Thanks to Daisy for the suggestion that I name it the Ta Da list!