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Friday, April 13, 2007


Friday Gratitude

Girl and Daffodils
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I am grateful for kids who like oatmeal, carrots, sugar snap peas, and other healthy foods.

I am grateful for healthy kids.

I am grateful for this time in my life that, if all goes according to plan, is between babies. It's nice to have a respite from the near-constant demands that a baby makes on my body, mind, and time.

I am grateful for my husband, who is a rock of logic when life seems to be full of nonsense and insanity.

I am grateful that I have lots of time to spend with my kids, to play, to be serious, to be silly, and just to be.

I am grateful for this sunny day, for a loving nanny who allows me time to play without kids in tow, and for the fact that this afternoon my twin sister, her friend, and I are going to relish this beautiful day while talking, laughing, and enjoying all that Caifornia wine country has to offer.

I am grateful for peace of mind, which comes easier with age.

I am grateful for a good night's sleep and for the fresh perspective on life that each new day (each morning cup of coffee?) brings to me.

I am grateful for this blog and for the ability to put words to thoughts and feelings in a coherent manner.

I am grateful that people care enough to read this blog, and I thank you for being one of those people.

Happy Friday.