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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hi, how are you?

The Thinker
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I have a friend whom I always enjoy hanging out with because whenever she sees me her eyes light up, she gives me a quick once over, then she exclaims, "You look great!" She then asks me how I am, and her tone is genuine; she really wants to know.

I strive to emulate traits in others that I find desirable. I often talk a lot about myself; it's a bad habit that sometimes is exacerbated by this here blogging habit of mine. Free to be me, me, me?! Sounds perfect!

But in my never-ending quest to be a better person, I want to ask you something:

How are you?

Leave me a comment. Feel free to rant or rave or simply reply, "fine." This post is all about you.

P.S. You look great! Have you lost weight?