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Sunday, May 06, 2007


The miracle of mundane things

Lunch at Taxi's
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The weekend was spectacular. On Friday I went into The City to check out Jeremys, a store in South Park that I found out about from SF Bay Style. If you like designer clothing and don't mind digging through racks and stacks--they carry damaged items, customer returns, and clothes used in displays--then this is the store for you. I'm not sure if it's the store for me; I tried on a bunch of stuff and nothing seemed... right. I'll have to try again some day when I've got another free afternoon. It's defintely not a place where I'd bring the kids.

Friday night was date night and that was nice, too. It's good for me and Mike to get out without the kids. We spend so little time alone that sometimes facing each other across a table without the distraction of little ones is rather daunting. If you're married with kids, I'm sure you can relate. It's good for us to spend time together, to reconnect as individuals. Sometimes we even talk about topics that aren't kid-related! Like the house. Heh.

Speaking of the house, I gardened most of today. The weather was warm and sunny and I finally got some plants in the ground that I had bought last week. Our front patio smells so good from the jasmine I planted last weekend and our roses, which are doing amazingly well. I never thought of myself as a rose gardener, but that's probably because my last garden was very shady. Roses like sun and I've got that in abundance here at this house. We also managed to put in solar lights around the perimeter of the backyard. It was a family project: I bought the lights, Mike put them together, and we all put them in the ground. It was a windless, warm night tonight, which is uncharacteristic of our area. We were out in the yard until the kids went to bed, around 8:30.

When I was outside earlier, I realized that I have this habit of jumping from one project to the next. This morning I swore I would sit in a chair and relax while reading a book, and that idea lasted about ten minutes before I no longer could resist the urge to work on an unfinished gardening project. This afternoon I was sitting out on the back patio when I started imagining the color I wanted to paint the back doors and how much better the trim around the windows would be if they were black instead of the house color. Ahhh! I'm a project junky! Not sure if it's a problem or not, but it's definitely a hindrance to relaxing on the patio.

Maybe my project mania is due to the fact this is the first house I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Mine, all mine! And Mike's. And the bank's. But still! Home ownership is the gateway drug to gardening. And painting and decorating and keeping a clean house, too. It's quite a wonderful thing.

Anyway, yesterday I had a great time at the Mother's Day luncheon put together by my mothers club. I sat with two friends and we chatted the whole time while enjoying grilled salmon with kumquats and a fancy chocolate pudding dessert. Yum. Other nice things happened yesterday, too, but I'm too tired to remember what they were. I do remember that even though I was 45 minutes late getting back to my car, I did not get a ticket for an expired meter. That made me happy since the day before I had gotten a ticket outside of Jeremys and now owe the city of San Francisco (where it cost .25 cents to park for FIVE minutes) $50. The fact I didn't get a ticket on Saturday made the previous day's ticket seem not so bad since I really deserved two tickets. Make sense? I know, fuzzy logic at best, and probably not even that.

*Yawn* G'night!