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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Rose Garden of Thorns and Sippy Cups

Front patio: rose garden
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Mother's Day was a mixed bag this year. It started out spectacularly with breakfast of french toast, bacon, fruit salad, and coffee served with flowers and sunlight, but then Mike and I got into a discussion-turned-argument over an issue that I wish would just go away but that probably never will. Cryptic, I know, but it's not really bloggable. Let's just say that life is not always what it seems. Also, I sometimes want to crawl under a rock and live with the bugs. ALONE! Except for the bugs. They can stay.

On a positive note, my rose garden looks great and I planted the two new Icebergs yesterday in honor of Emily and Thomas. I also added a third row of retaining wall bricks, more dirt, and mulch. I'm like a gardening fiend and it's not even June yet. We all went on a family shopping trip this afternoon to our local home and garden store. Mike was excited to find solar-powered LED tiki torches. I was on the lookout for a hummingbird feeder and a birth bath, and I found the mutha of all hummingbird feeders, a 30 oz. baby that's sure to bring many calypte annas to our front patio for my enjoyment and the kids's amazement. I didn't find a bird bath so the birds will have to bathe in Thomas's potty until we can get them something more suitable.

Thomas is 99.8% potty trained. He's said good-bye to sippy cups, too. Next he's going to be asking to move his room out to a small, unheated shed in the yard that he's decorated with black light posters and an old futon matress.

Sigh. I tried to keep it upbeat, I really did.

Here's to a Happy Monday.