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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


A mothers club is for the mothers

The other night my local mothers club had a rummage sale. It was a fun event with lots of digging through piles of gently used baby clothes, eating yummy baked goods, and chit chatting with mom friends old and new. I spent $7 on clothes for Thomas: khaki pants, green corduroy overalls, striped long sleeved shirt, Kenneth Cole plaid button down shirt, and a rugby striped long sleeved one piece; two smiley face beach balls; three chocolate brownies topped with marshmallow; and a mini loaf of banana bread for Mike.

I scored big time.

I scored on some cheap clothes for Thomas and I scored because my mothers club has been a lifesaver for me. I don’t know what I would be doing right now if I hadn’t joined this group. At best, I’d have met some friends at the playground or mall, but finding friends that way is like cold calling on potential clients; it’s not easy. At worst, I’d be feeling isolated and depressed and probably a tad bitter about my lot in life. My mothers club has been the best source of local friends, support, and activities for me and my kids.

When you are a new mom with a small baby it’s crucial that you find a group of like-minded supportive women with whom you can talk and share and laugh and cry. I’m serious about this; being at home all day with a baby can drive a woman bonkers. A mothers club can offer playgroups with similarly-aged kids, children’s events, mom’s events, family events, book clubs, seasonal shindigs, and lots more. If you are feeling your brain muscle atrophy with each ga-ga and goo-goo that you hear (and respond to in a like fashion!), joining the board of directors of your club can be a great way to remind yourself that the dynamics and politics of group meetings are both exciting and horrible. In any case, board meetings usually are better than watching yet another video featuring sock puppets and xylophone music.

Mothers clubs are typically geared towards stay-at-home and working moms with babies and kids less than five years of age. Once your kid turns five it’s assumed he or she will be in school and you will be in another phase of your life as a mom, one that’s filled with PTA, sporting events, and other school-related functions and friends.

I encourage all you new moms out there—even if you're still pregnant—to seek out and join your local mothers club. To find a club, do a Google search for “mothers club” and “your city”. There are mothers clubs in most major (and in lots of minor) cities in the United States.

Do it before you start using the words ga-ga and goo-goo in conversations with adults. Your mail carrier, the checkout clerk at the grocery store, and your brain will thank you for it.