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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Sleepless in Manhattan

I just put Mr. T down for a mid-morning nap and I want to get in a quick post before I take advantage of his slumber to also get in an uninterrupted shower.

I can't remember if it was Sunday night or Monday night that Mike broke his back walking 8 blocks home with a pack-n-play for Thomas, but I'll love him for it forever. I mistakenly thought Thomas would be OK sleeping in our bed, but I didn't realize (because I haven't slept with him in months), that Thomas has become a "tosser and turner." This is not good if you are in a bed without rails or sides, and it made for some horrible nights of nursing/thomas crying/nursing/mommy crying/mommy cursing, etc.

The pack-n-play solved all of our problems or at least the ones involving Thomas and his sleeping needs. Here's a pic of the kids in it:

We'll be in Manhattan all week. One of the conditions of this vacation was that Mike would have to work at Google's New York office while we were here; the kids and I have been hanging out on our own during the days much like we would be if we were at home.

Monday we checked out Chelsea Piers and the Hudson River Park, which has a great water park for the little ones. I wasn't prepared for the kids to play in water but it was hot out at 11 AM and I decided that I would be Spontaneous Mommy (tm) and let them run around in the water wearing their diapers and onesies. Man, I am just the coolest mom ever. The kids had a great time and played so much they crashed immediately upon getting back into the stroller.

Monday afternoon we went to the Farmer's Market in Union Square and I found a walk-up smoothie stop. Now, in the Suburbs my favorite kind of place is a drive-up, no matter what they're selling. In Manhattan, my favorite kind of place is a walk-up, no matter what they're selling. If you are ever trolling around the city with a double stroller, you'll understand why. Yesterday, I managed to come across a walk-up crepe restaurant. BTW, these places are commonly attached to bigger restaurants and bill themselves as To Go windows. They're truly an awesome invention and a mom on the go's best friend.

After the Farmer's Market we headed midtown to pick up Mike from work. Then it was over to Times Square and dinner at Red Lobster. I know we're in Manhattan, but Red Lobster is just so child friendly, plus the restaurant serves splits of Korbel so it's actually pretty adult friendly, too. The food wasn't bad, either. After dinner we walked home, which hopefully burned off the 3,000 calorie meal I ate.

Other great places we've eaten at in Manhattan
* Murray's Bagels. The bagels are cooked on premises, still warm, and oh so good. Somebody please tell me that cream cheese isn't fattening. The coffee is great, too. Hint: Don't be a schmuck; know what you want when you get up to the counter.

* Sammy's Noodle Shop. Sammy's specialty is noodles and bbqued meats. This place had the best pork bun I've ever tasted. Their chicken curry was subtle and yummy -- even Emily liked it. Plus they had high chairs. What's not to like?

Well, I'll leave you all with your mouths watering. There's more I want to tell you, specifically about the playgrounds in Manhattan, the fact that all of the people here are skinny, and the cockroach that Mike killed that was as big as my foot (no joke), but I'll save those thoughts for another post.

Happy hump day!