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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Snippets from Manhattan

The Tsao family has taken Manhattan by storm. In our own little way, that is.

Things I want to remember:

Longest plane ride SFO to JFK. Four and a half hours. Wow.

Weirdest invasion of personal space I was holding Thomas and waiting for our stroller to come up from the cargo area when a woman came off the plane, looked at Thomas like he was her long lost lover, took his face in both of her hands, and kissed him on the cheek. All this while softly muttering something in what I think was Russian. I probably should have stopped her but I was completely taken by surprise. Grown women are lusting after my baby!

Biggest meal 1/2 of a LARGE Mr. Pink (marinated chicken, plum tomatoes, fresh garlic, and mozzerella) pizza from Two Boots Pizza. Mama mia.

Longest walk West Village to Central Park (South) and back: Up Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave), 14th St. to 5th Ave., through Madison Square Park, back to 5th Ave., lots of stores on 5th Ave., checked out the bathroom at the New York City Library, made it to the park!, meandered through the park and came out at 72nd and 7th Ave., down 7th Ave. to 42nd St., cut through Times Square to Broadway, Broadway to 6th Ave., down 6th Ave. to 11th St. and HOME! Woof woof!

Proudest mommy moment Letting Thomas get so grubby at dinner that the owner of the restaurant came over mid meal and cleaned him up herself.

Second proudest mommy moment Pulling up to the apartment and wondering why water(?) was pouring out of the bottom of the stroller. Turns out that Emily's diaper was super-saturated and just couldn't take any more. Apparently, a diaper is good for only six hours and then it needs to be changed. Who knew?

Funniest overheard comment Walking on 7th Ave.
Gay guy shouting into the phone at lover, ex-lover, or wanna-be-lover: If you say you're going to be somewhere, be there! If it had been happy hour, you know you would have been on time!

Second funniest overhead comment At street corner flea market in Chelsea. Female street vendor to male street vendor: Ya, I've made some money today. Harumph, about fifty cents. What about you?
Male street vendor: Ya, that's about what I make each day. It's reliable money. Heh.

Happiest wifey moment Husband actually wanted to buy some new clothes! A foray into the Gap yielded four t-shirts and four pairs of socks. Also, we had a discussion about his (get this) fashion needs. One day in New York and he's turned into a metrosexual!

Bestest deed done Saw a woman drop her cell phone without noticing. Picked it up and ran down the sreet to give it back to her. Karma points: 100.