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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Taking Manhattan by stroller

Today we went on another long long long walk. This time we went downtown from Greenwich Village through SOHO, TriBeCa, past Ground Zero (World Trade Center site), and wound up at Battery Park. Then we took the Staten Island Ferry to (where else?) Staten Island. The Staten Island Ferry is the City's best bargain at a cost of $0 to ride. That's right, nada. It was a beautiful day, warm with a light breeze, and Ms. Liberty looked pretty good as we went by her on the ferry.

We didn't hang out on the Island but took the return trip back to Manhattan. Then we walked through the Financial District back to Ground Zero. Visiting Ground Zero was a moving experience. Who doesn't remember where they were on that fateful morning four years ago? In some ways, it's like the assasination of President Kennedy; a moment you'll never forget.

Then we journeyed through Civic Center and back over to Tribeca for lunch at Bubby's Restaurant. The Lonely Planet guidebook recommended it as a great place to take kids. As a bonus, the food was the best we've had so far and they made momma a good Mimosa and a great Bellini. They have an extensive menu of brunch and lunch items; I really wanted the smoked trout scramble with horseradish cream but they were out. (Insert unhappy face here.) Instead I had a hamburger with roasted garlic and white cheddar cheese. Mike had a hamburger with blue cheese, his favorite. Both burgers were excellent and the kids were well behaved--a perfect meal in all respects.

Mike and I really liked the SOHO and TriBeCa neighborhoods. And we both agreed that if Emily or Thomas wants to go to NYU, that would be OK with us.

Things we've noticed about Manhattan, kids, and strollers:

* Manhattanites' favorite stroller is the Maclaren.

* They like to spend a lot of money on strollers. Their second favorite is the Bugaboo.

* Getting around on the sidewalks with our Inglesina Swift isn't too bad; there's plenty of room.

* Getting the stroller inside stores and restaurants is very difficult.

* We wish we had two single strollers for when we're both out with the kids.

* When going to dinner, we leave the stroller at home, carry the kids (or let them walk), and eat close to the apartment. Very few restaurants have the space for strollers. Most will not allow you to bring a stroller inside. You know, this is probably true even in the suburbs where we live, but because I usually drive to go out to eat, I don't have the stroller with me and I don't spend much time thinking about this.

* Very few Manhattanites have kids as close in age as ours. They seem to wait to procreate again until the first can walk. These people are smart.