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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Mommybloggers making money

Remember that hot date I had with Andrew Shue that had the Interweb buzzing? At the time, I couldn't reveal the real reason I was having clandestine meetings with Mr. Shue, but now I can. And it was only one meeting. And it was only a little clandestine.

Basically, a bunch of us mommybloggers were part of a focus group that ClubMom (with the help of Halley Suitt) organized. See, ClubMom is a smart group of people and they know that bloggers provide the "authentic voice" of the Interweb. Therefore, they want to include blog-based content as part of what they offer their members, but they weren't sure exactly what they wanted to offer, what they should offer, or how they would go about doing it. That's why they called in the pros. Ahem.

So for the price of a tote bag, a water bottle, and a photo op with Andrew Shue, I told the ClubMom folks everything I know or think I know about mommies and blogging.

Then the ClubMom people met and brainstormed and procrastinated and scheduled another meeting and assigned somebody who already had enough to do something more to do, and in the end they came up with their grand blogging plan.

And now they want to hire... YOU!

ClubMom is looking to hire for two different positions. Here's what they say:
1. We will start out launching a number of topical blogs on Initially, we’re aiming to have ten blogs but that number can change based on the quality of the applications that we receive. We are looking for diverse voices on diverse topics including blogs on pregnancy, homeschooling, single moms, starting a new diet, celebrity gossip, family finances, running for office, making a difference, and other topics.

Compensation: $500 per month for each topical blog (5 posts per week will be expected); in addition, 10,000 ClubMom Points per month which can be redeemed for great rewards from the ClubMom Rewards Catalog including gift cards, spa services, movies, etc.; plus performance based bonus

2. We will also launch The Best of Mom Blogs Editorial Round-Up. We are looking for someone to launch this blog who has a great and distinct voice and, hopefully, someone who has already developed a following for her existing blog. This round-up will describe and point to the most interesting and compelling Mom blogs – in and outside of ClubMom.

Compensation: $1,000 per month; in addition, 20,000 ClubMom Points per month; plus performance based bonus.

More information and applications can be found on the ClubMom Corporate Blog (another idea that came out of the focus group!) at

If you are a mommyblogger and you are looking to make some extra money, consider applying for one of these positions. From what I've seen around the blogosphere, the compensation they're offering for the blogging positions is pretty good and works out to roughly $20 - $25 per post. It is much better than what is offering ($3 per post).

Good luck!