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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Some buzz about spelling bees

I'm more into spell checks than spelling bees, but Mike sent me a link to this footage of the most exuberant spelling bee winner ever.

Which made me remember Spellbound, a movie we saw two years ago at the Parkway Theater in Oakland. It was a Monday night--Baby Brigade! I was working at the time and Mike was a part-time stay at home dad. I drove to the theatre after work and met up with Mike and 3-month-old Emily. She was so cute! Still is, actually... Oh, and the movie was funny and brilliant yet also sad and a little unnerving. To see a kid work that hard only to slip up and misspell a's heartwrenching entertainment. And yet, I recommend it!

Last but not least, The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee is now playing at the Post Street Theatre in San Francisco. Elisa Camahort saw it and writes:
"I'm glad the show was short and sweet (under 2 hours with no intermission.) And I enjoyed parts of it very much. But the musical numbers found me with my attention drifting and my interest waning. And for a musical, that's really not a good sign."

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