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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Don't stop the rock

Life's been busy and fun lately. What have I been up to? Let's see...

On Thursday the kids and I went into San Francisco to check out the cars at the Art Car Festival. We saw a lot of wonderful cars. My favorite was the VainVan by artist Emily Duffy. You may know her art BraBall, an 1800 lb. ball of bras, part of the American Visionary Art Museum's permanent collection. After checking out a bunch of cars cooler than our own, we had lunch on Chestnut Street. Pictures on Flickr.

On Friday I went for a five mile hike along Crystal Springs (Sawyer Camp Trail) after dropping the kids off at school. It was awesome! The day was overcast and a light drizzle started during my last mile -- a perfect day for a hike. I want to make this a weekly thing. I wonder if I can persuade anybody else to join me for a weekly five-mile power walk. Anyone? Bueller?

Friday night I took Mike to see The Chemical Brothers for his birthday. It was one of the loudest and most spectacular shows I've ever seen; The Chemical Brothers rocked the house. And of course I rocked for figuring out what to get Mike for his birthday.

Saturday morning found me and the kids hot-footing it to Borders to get a last-minute gift for a four-year-old friend before jetting to her birthday party at a local park. Borders is my favorite place for last-minute gifts for kids. They've got books galore, movies, wooden toys, cards, and gift bags. I can get in, get out, wrap and sign in the car, and be on the road to the birthday party in less than fifteen minutes. Hello, mad mom skillz.

After enjoying the company of the birthday girl, her parents, and some other friends, I switched roles with Mike (he took the kids in the family car and I left alone in his car) and scooted to San Jose to meet with the women of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and with Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential hopeful John Edwards. Elizabeth is a wonderful, kind and gracious person who is knowledgeable about so many issues and also eloquent. It was a pleasure and an honor to get to spend time with her again. Thank you to Jill of SV Moms Blog for the invite! Sarah Granger did a great job liveblogging our talk.

Today was a quiet day and so I did my quarterly deep cleaning of both bathrooms. There's really nothing like the feeling that a clean bathroom can give you. Anything is possible when you've got a clean bathroom.

And tomorrow starts a new month. Can you believe it?